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Seven years and four albums later, Miley Cyrus has bid adieu to RCA Records. But don’t cry for her, Argentina, because she’s not label-less for long.

The singer has signed new deal with Columbia Records, home of some of your faves, including Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Adele and John Legend.

I’m not surprised she’s left RCA, especially after the way they handled her latest album Plastic Hearts. I know when the album was released in November she was upset over how her label got the album out to retailers, which in the end hurt first week sales.

I also felt that whenever Miley would release an album she was always going through some identity crisis. I really started to feel she was on her way into tapping into her full potential with Plastic Hearts, but due to the current pandemic, it seems at this point in time Miley and RCA are amicably over each other.

Here’s hoping whatever direction she plans to take with her next album that she’ll have better luck with her Sony/Columbia fam.

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