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Ne-Yo's Wife Puts Singer On Blast, Says She's Divorcing Him After 8 Years Of Marriage

Ne-Yo's wife Crystal says after 8 years, she is fed up with his cheating ways, and proceeded to air our their dirty laundry on social media. And the worst part of all is that Ne-Yo liked her post on Instagram.

Here's what she wrote:

This isn't the first time she left his philandering ass. They had filed for divorce back in 2017, but eventually worked things out.

In regards to these two I'll believe the splitation when I see it, and quite frankly I don't feel sorry for Crystal, because at the end of the day, how you get them is how you lose them. In case you all forgot, Ne-Yo was turning Crystal's guts into soup while he was still married to Monyetta (who is currently starring on The Real Housewives of Atlanta).

So while you can't teach a tired old dog like Ne-Yo new tricks, I'm not going to be empathetic towards the other woman when they other woman gets cheated on by multiple women (and probably some men too, because quiet as it's kept, I don't think Ne-Yo is all the way straight).

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