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While we patiently wait for Hollywood to get the go-ahead to resume production on the laundry list of shows and films such as Pose , we finally have a release date for season 2 of the hit Ballroom series.

A year after the groundbreaking FX series took fans to new heights, we will finally be able to relive, laugh and cry along to the shenanigans of Electra, Candy, Pray Tell, Blanca and all the other legendary children when the second season hits Netflix on June 11. As of this writing, season 3 would have already had half their season filmed, but unfortunately had to shut down production a week into shooting the season premiere.

🔟! 🔟! 🔟s across the board! Season 2 of POSE is coming to Netflix in the US on June 11. — The Most (@Most) May 13, 2020

Season 2 aired on FX in June, and since they are way behind on production, I have a strong feeling that season 3 will have to be pushed back. I absolutely love this show, and I’m very excited I will be able to relive some of Electra’s classic reads just in time for Pride month.

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