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New Couple Alert? Chris Rock And Olivia Wilde

Rumors are swirling that comic Chris Rock may be getting quite cozy with Olivia Wilde after they were spotted leaving Leo DiCaprio's 49th birthday party.

In an interesting development to come one year after Wilde and Harry Styles suddenly split in November 2022, the 39-year-old actress and filmmaker was photographed leaving DiCaprio’s Beverly Hills birthday bash with Rock, 58, on Saturday night.

According to pictures of the pair obtained by Daily Mail, Wilde and Rock left DiCaprio’s party late Saturday night and climbed into an SUV together. They had big smiles on their faces as the chauffeur pulled away from the star-studded celebration.

As previously reported, both Wilde and Rock are currently single.

Wilde was last with Styles until the couple abruptly split in November of last year, and Rock was last linked to actress Lake Bell.

“He’s still touring and is now going abroad. She is focusing on her kids and her work in L.A.,” one source close to Wilde said after the split. “It’s a very amicable decision.”

“They’re still very close friends,” the insider added. “Right now, they have different priorities that are keeping them apart.”

Rock and Bell were romantically linked throughout most of 2022, but the comic suggested that he was no longer dating the 44-year-old actress during a live Netflix special released in March 2023.

“I’m single,” the comedian announced. “I’ve been single for a long time. I was married for a long time.”

“I was dating somebody for a while,” Rock added earlier this year. “Now I’m single.”

The pictures of Wilde and Rock leaving DiCaprio’s Beverly Hills party together on Saturday night also came just weeks after the Don’t Worry Darling director settled a lengthy child support battle with her ex-husband, Jason Sudeikis.

Sudeikis, 48, agreed to pay Wilde $27,500 per month in child support for the pair’s two children – son Otis, 9, and daughter Daisy, 7.

The child support settlement between Wilde and Sudeikis came shortly after a judge dismissed a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by the ex-couple’s former nanny.

Ericka Genaro sued Wilde and her Ted Lasso ex-husband in February 2023, and a Los Angeles judge “fully dismissed” the lawsuit in August.

“Both Olivia and Jason are hopeful they can finally close this chapter after what has not only been a selfish grab for financial gain but a shameless exploitation of their trust played out in the media,” reps for the ex-couple said following the judge’s decision.

“We don’t agree with the decision, but it is what it is and now we’ll litigate it in arbitration and the case goes on,” Genaro’s attorney said in a statement. “This does not terminate the lawsuit.”

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