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Nicki Minaj Ordered To Pay $500k In Damages Over Husband’s Alleged Assault Of Security Guard

Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, have been ordered by a judge to pay a hefty sum for allegedly attacking a security guard in 2019 at one of the rapper's concerts.

via: Complex

On Friday, TMZ shared documents it obtained that highlighted a default judgment against the couple in L.A. County Superior Court. The amount of the judgment is $503,318.02. The default judgment comes from a security guard named Thomas Weidenmuller, who sued Minaj and Petty for $753,000 in 2022 for an assault that allegedly happened during a show in 2019 on the Nicki World Tour show in Frankfurt, Germany.

Weidenmuller stated that a fan had breached a security barricade and found their way onstage while Nicki was performing. The fan was escorted off the stage shortly after, but Nicki and Petty allegedly confronted Weidenmuller and the rest of the security team about it after the show.

Things got escalated to the point that Nicki allegedly called a female security guard a “f*****g b***h” and criticized her on social media. Weidenmuller claimed to have stepped in and removed the security guard while going to Nicki’s dressing room to resolve the situation.

According to Weidenmuller, Petty got physical and punched him in the face while Nicki began cursing up a storm. Weidenmuller also claimed Nicki ordered Petty to attack him, which led to the lawsuit stating “battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligence.

Despite all the drama, the couple is still managing to give fans a healthy dose of content on social media. Recently, Petty rapped some of Nicki’s lyrics during a livestream.  

“You say you the biggest Barb so now you gotta finish the lyric,” Nicki said before dropping off rhymes from her Pink Friday 2 track “Pink Birthday.” 

She started her verse saying, “Lowkey ‘cuz we just that ill now, ain’t never had a… before Petty came in and finished the line by rapping, “Bad bitch ’til now."

She continued, “Post a pic, got ’em jackin’ like….” which pushed her husband to say, “Like Jill now.”

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