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Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty & Goons Take Aim At Cardi B's Husband Offset, Offset Responds

It looks like the husbands of hip hop rivals Cardi B and Nicki Minaj are beefing, because Nicki's husband Kenneth Petty fired some verbal shots towards Cardi's husband Offset.

No word on what exactly caused the altercation, which from what I'm hearing took place outside Offset's and Cardi's hotel. Did something transpire behind the scenes at the MTV VMAs that we don't know about?

If I had to guess, it may have something to do with Nicki giving fans a preview of a new track at the MTV VMAs where she seemed to take aim at rivals Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion (who performed before Nicki's set and left soon after).

In the new song, the “Super Bass” emcee blazingly raps, “These b**ches ain’t badder than me; you b**ches don’t count, you b**ches can’t count; I’m not the one, two or the three.” She continued, “You b**ches look up to me; you said you look up to her, but really, you look up to me.”

Although the gentleman with him was speaking over him, you can hear Petty say, “You n**gas nervous, man. You boys p**sy for real. You b**ches is nervous.” He follows that statement by asking, “What’s up, man? What’s going on? What y’all trying to do?” in an alleged attempt to see the former Migos member.

Offset, who was in Atlanta at the time of Petty's video, took to Twitter with a response of his own:

Later in the video, Nicki's husband said, “We out here to talk, right? Let’s talk, but you know we ain’t talking, though. P**sy a** n**ga, I don’t know who y’all think y’all playing with.”

This morning (Sept. 16), Offset posted a video on his Instagram Story calling the group of men “broke.” In his clip, he states, “I am getting off the jet. What these n**gas talking about?” Shortly after, he laughed and exclaimed, “These n**gas broke. We hopping off jets, b**ch. These n**gas standing outside.”

Shouldn't Nicki's husband be worrying about keeping 500 feet from a school and worrying about his case against instead of inserting himself in a beef that's between the wives of their rivals?

When was he ever in a beef with Offset? This seemed to have come out of nowhere.

If I was Nicki I would be pissed. She's busy trying to work on releasing Pink Friday 2, and her convicted felon of a husband is out here pulling dumb ass stunts like this.

I don't know what's going on with her, but Nicki you have done so much moving the mainstream needle of female rap forward why are you so pressed about what these other girls are doing?

Nicki is a legend in the game, and have been in this business for far too long to let this achilles heel you call a husband mess up your bag and your legacy.

Let them ladies have their little rivalry., because we don't need another Biggie vs Tupac/East Coast, West Coast issue popping off.

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