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No S**t Sherlock! Taylor Swift’s PR Team ‘Scrambled’ to Get Celine Dion Photo Op After Grammys Snub

Taylor Swift’s team allegedly went into panic mode after she appeared to snub Céline Dion at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

Swift’s PR team allegedly went into overdrive after she was accused of snubbing Celine Dion on the Grammy Awards stage. A source shared the Lavender Haze singer’s team “scrambled” to wrangle Dion, 55, for a photo opportunity to reverse the damage the 34-year-old caused after fans said she dissed the 16-time Grammy nominee, has learned.

As this outlet reported, Swift faced backlash when Dion presented her with the last award of the night. Sunday’s moment was supposed to be memorable for both artists as it marked Swift making history by accepting the Album of the Year award for the fourth time. It was also set to be a special moment for Dion because it was her first big appearance since announcing her Stiff Person Syndrome diagnosis in 2022, which forced her to go into hiding and cancel her tour.

Many assumed Swift would give Dion recognition for her iconic career and comeback moment. But when that didn’t happen, an insider claimed Taylor’s team immediately went into damage control mode by staging the backstage photos of the duo that have since gone viral.

“I talked to someone backstage. The Taylor camp knew immediately it was a misstep — and they were scrambling backstage to get a photo of Taylor with Celine Dion, which they promptly put out, and that was damage control,” Puck founder Matthew Belloni said on his podcast, The Town with Matthew Belloni.

He and his guest, Bloomberg’s Lucas Shaw, then broke down Swift’s diss and agreed that she should have given the industry superstar her flowers.

The Cruel Summer singer sparked controversy when she snatched her trophy from Dion without acknowledging or making eye contact with her. Fans lost it as Swift thanked everyone in her orbit as Dion stood awkwardly beside her.

Many thought Swift was disrespecting the icon.

“Taylor Swift fully ignoring Celine Dion like the disrespect even Celine was like… que?” one person posted to X.

“Taylor dragged Lana (who just lost the award) on stage when she CLEARLY didn’t want to go, and then didn’t say a WORD to Celine f—— Dion when she took the award? I hope the next album flops,” shared another angry fan.

Photos soon circulated of Swift hanging all over Dion backstage after the misstep. While some believe the pictures prove there’s no bad blood between the two legendary performers, others snickered the chummy encounter was just smoke and mirrors to save Swift’s backside. has reached out to Swift’s team for comment.

I'm not surprised by this at all. This is why a lot of people feel Taylor comes across as phony, especially the tired, shocked look she always has whenever she wins awards. She has a team of employers that works faster than the secret service.

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