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P Valley Star J. Alphonse Nicholson Apologizes After Homophobic Skit Backlash

After a riding on a huge high due to his recent interview with Tamron Hall, where he and the cast of the hit STARZ series P Valley were praised over their outstanding performances, J. Alphonse Nicholson has now found himself in some hot water.

The actor, who plays gay rapper Lil Murda has been an outspoken ally to the gay community whenever conversations come up about people having an issue regarding representation of QPOC in the black community.

Recently he participated in a skit for the Rory & Mal podcast that some critics are deeming homophobic.

The actor, 37, took to Twitter yesterday to apologize:

“I really enjoyed doing the Mal & Rory interview. But I wanted to address the skit that is being shown separate from the interview,” he said in the video statement seen above. “The skit, I was told, was to be done to make fun at the rumors and ignorance that people surround myself, and the character [with]. And me having my own strain, and people not wanting to smoke after me because of the character that I play, Lil Murda.”

“That skit was suppose to bring a certain amount of attention to the interview, and I believe it’s doing the exact opposite. It’s not really showing the love and the light that was shown in that interview. I wish I would have went with my first instinct and not have done the skit, but it’s being taken down immediately across all platforms. And once again, I apologize,” he said.

Check out the apology below...

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