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Pastor TD Jakes Trends As He's Being Accused Of Serving Power Bottom Teas At Diddy's Parties

Pastor TD Jakes is being accused of doing the bending at Diddy's legendary parties.

On December 21, a video from a TikToker by the name of MYEi$HiA began to surface on Twitter (now known by the stupid name X) where she revealed Cassie has turned over a plethora of evidence to the Feds.

Said evidence includes video tapes of Diddy's parties, audio tapes, flash drives and ex-girlfriend Kim Porter's burner phone.

The TikToker went on to claim that there's also an email that incriminates Diddy’s close friend, Pastor TD Jakes, who officiated the burial of Porter, and the video footage places the Christian pastor as one of many people who can be seen sleeping with multiple men at Diddy's soirees.

Chiiiile, I don't think I have any more pearls to clutch after reading this.

This tea is juicier than Epistein's list. As for TD sleeping with men? This shouldn't be a shock to no one since there's a lot of closeted self-hating butch queens running their own mega congregations.

I will most certainly be keeping up on this story because the tea is piping hot.

This isn't the first time there have been SA accusations to come out of the Jakes camp. In 2009, TD Jakes’ son, Jermaine Jakes, was arrested after he allegedly exposed himself at Kiest Park in Dallas and performed indecent actions in front of two individuals, who turned out to be undercover police.

Last year, the eldest daughter of Bishop, Cora Jakes-Coleman’s estranged husband, Richard Coleman, was accused of s*xually abusing their adopted daughter.

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