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If there was anyone who should win the Stunt Queen Award of the Year, it definitely should be Robert Kelly, pedophile extraordinaire. He tried using Miss Rona, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes as excuses, and the judge said, “no,no,no!” Now he’s stooped to an all new low, using his ex-wife, the late R&B singer Aaliyah as his latest get out of jail free card.

According to TMZ, Kelly’s attorneys, Steven Greenberg and Michael Leonard, say there are 6 alleged victims in his federal case out of the Eastern District of NY. We know one of them is Aaliyah … and, in the letter, Kelly’s team points out the obvious — she’s deceased, and therefore, out of even Kelly’s reach.

According to the doc, they also say prosecutors have only referred to 2 other accusers as Jane Does … so Kelly and his team can’t even ID them. Likewise, they claim prosecutors have only identified another accuser by a photo — and team Kelly says it has no clue who she is.

They claim the last 2 women are beyond Kelly’s sphere of influence, because they’re publicly bashing him. The letter refers to one as a former girlfriend who blasts him daily on social media. They’re clearly referring to Azriel Clary, and even include links to her social media posts.

They add that Jane Doe #6 has similarly gone on a negative media campaign against Kelly.

All of this to say, if the judge lets him out … he’ll be on his best behavior because he has no choice. Remember, the judge has already shot down 2 previous motions for Kelly’s release on bond.

Chiiiild I can’t. I feel just like Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, these narcissistic pricks haven’t wrapped their head around the fact that they have done so much damage to so many people, and that Kells is not getting out of jail. I also hope the Houghton family doesn’t respond to R Kelly and his foolishness. Besides, it’s bad enough they don’t even want to acknowledge he marries Aaliyah when she was 15, and had it quickly annulled.

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