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The Real Housewives of New York City reality star Ramona Singer has come under fire for posting All Lives Matter in response to the murder of George Floyd, and the recent #BlackLivesMatter marches that have been happening in 30 cities across America and around the world.

Here’s what she said, which was captured by the @realityentertainmenttv Instagram account when a fan asked for her to use her voice and platform to speak out against police brutality.

Of course Ramona’s clueless response got fans of RHONY riled up, with a social media user by the name of @meaghan_jacobs going as far as recommending Ava DuVernay‘s groundbreaking Netflix documentary The 13th as a point of reference:

“Please educate yourself about the systemic racism within our country. The popular documentary film Thirteenth would be a great place to start. You have a voice of influence amongst white women your age. Please, use your voice for good!”

Here’s her bullshit ass apology:

“I am taking the time to educate myself more on this topic and avery shared the documentary with me as well,” she wrote. “She’s been making a list with me.”

Another follower said they were going to “trust” that Ramona would follow through on her words.

“I am continued to educate myself more,” she replied. “I apologize for the misinformed comment.”

Another user said they hope Ramona will be “mindful” of her white privilege and called her “all lives matter” comment “incredibly insensitive.”

Ramona agreed, writing, “yes, it was.”

I personally don’t understand why anyone would be surprised by Ramona’s stance on this very topic. If you have watched RHONY for the gazillion seasons it’s been on, Ramona is known for being self-centered, and is ignorant on her views when it comes to things she can’t personally relate to. During this current season she and the cast filmed at a house in Long Island that held a fundraiser for Donald Trump, so I’m not surprised by her comment. I just don’t understand how at 63 you’re not well versed on police brutality, especially when you live in New York.

You know damn well the minute you fix your lips to say All Lives Matter that those are fighting words. In a perfect world that would be the case, but things aren’t equal systemically when it comes to non-white people.

Like I said before, Ramona could give a shit unless it affects her personally, so I’m confused as to why reality TV fans would ask someone like her to speak out. If anything I’d expect something more sensible to come from ex-RHONY cast member Bethenny Frankel. So do I accept her apology? I believe she does what she usually does – apologizes in hopes that this will go away, so no I don’t accept her apology. But that’s just me.

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