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While Ryan Murphy currently has his new Netflix series Hollywood trending, and the 10th season of American Horror Story put on hold due to Miss Rona, the TV titan announced on Instagram that he’s planning to spin-off the hit anthology series into one-hour contained episodes. So instead of one particular story being dragged out for an entire season, each episode of the spin-off will contain a different story. So think of shows like The Twilight Zone, or Tales From The Darkside.

Murphy writes on Instagram that he and the “AHS” cast discussed the spin-off in a Zoom meeting, but what’s I found to be quite bizarre is that the photo included with the post is actually fan-made. Instagram fan page The Horror Story posted it on May 10, imagining a Zoom reunion that hadn’t actually taken place. It would seem, however, that though the image is fake, there indeed was a legitimate Zoom hangout between Murphy and the cast.

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A post shared by Ryan Murphy (@mrrpmurphy) on May 11, 2020 at 6:53am PDT

Personally speaking I think this version of AHS is much better idea, because as quiet as it’s kept I feel for the past few seasons, the concepts of AHS always start out with good intentions, but tends to go off the rails and ends up running out of steam midway. Ryan is pretty good at casting great actors for his shows, and if he can get a pretty good team of writers to come up with come pretty good horror concepts for the spin-off, I’m pretty much down to check it out.

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