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R&B singer Faith Evans found herself in handcuffs earlier this week when she was arrested for attacking her husband, producer and Love & Hip Hop reality star Stevie J

According to TMZ, police responded to a call at their LA home around 1 am. What had happened was the couple got into a heated argument which then turned violent.

When officers noticed visible marks and scratches on Stevie’s face, Faith was arrested and charged with felony domestic violence. It’s unclear what triggered the argument, but, Faith bonded out later that day.

This is not the first time there’s been trouble in paradise for the couple. Around July of last year the couple unfollowed each other on social media. Faith followed him back, but Stevie did not. Stevie then went on a twitter tirade, revealing the following: “Drunk people always speak their truth,” and “Ones insecurities can damage them” to “All that glitters ain’t gold” and “Cherish what you love just know nothing will last forever.”

We have no idea what’s truly going on with the couple (I’m sure Mona Scott would love to have them air out their dirty laundry in front of her Love & Hip Hop cameras), but it seems to me that Faith may have a drinking problem and trust issues when it comes to the men in her life. I mean given Stevie’s track record when it comes to being faithful I wouldn’t be surprised, but quite frankly I never understood why these two got married in the first place. I hope they work it out, but my gut is telling me this marriage ain’t lasting long.

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