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Swinging Richards, the legendary all male, all nude strip club in Atlanta announced that it’s closing it’s doors for good.

The club has been a fixture in Atlanta since it’s inception in 1996, but six weeks ago, they announced that the club is closing it’s doors for good on January 15.

“We want to thank the countless people who have come and have been entertained by our boys over the years,” read the statement. “You all have meant the world to us for giving so much support over the last three decades.”

It’s sad when we lose a landmark at the hands of the pandemic (among other things), and I’m upset I never got to visit Swinging Richards in it’s heyday.

The good thing out of all of this is that I’ve heard since they announced Swinging Richards was closing, the line has been around the block. So at least the club and the dancers got to make some coins until the end.

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