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Tamar Braxton Calls Tommie Lee A Crackhead At Concert, Tommie Claps Back With JR Robinson's DMs

Tamar Braxton and Tommie Lee have continued their feud, even after Tamar bragged about getting back with "her man" JR Robinson.

During a recent performance, Braxton took some shots at Lee. "I know y'all lying if y'all thought I was gon let my man go because he took some crackhead to a basketball game," Braxton said, referencing the viral photos of Lee posting up with Braxton's ex.

However, Lee was quick to respond to the jab. "Miss Braxton, cut it out. I hurt your feelings, my love. I'm too grown and I don't get high off internet drama it doesn't make a red cent so I'll leave at this," Lee wrote over a bikini thirst trap video. Furthermore, she also dropped several screenshots showing her DMs with Braxton's ex and just how much he was fawning over her during their brief time together.

The origin of Braxton and Lee's beef goes behind Lee "stealing" Braxton's man. Lee had perpetuated rumors that Braxton had only invited Chrisean Rock to a recent show for clout and had lied about letting Rock perform. Braxton had some sharp words for Lee as a result. "And before someone take my phone. If you on cocaine and your name starts with a T and [you] never even sold out a bag of blow pops… Stay silent. God bless y'all," Braxton said on Instagram.

It's unclear how much truth there is to the rumor that Braxon used Rock for clout. LeTroy Davis, a member of Braxton's team, posted screenshots of a conversation between himself and a member of Rock's team. While the screenshots show that Braxton had agreed to "bring out Chrisean", they also appeared to corroborate the story that there was never an agreement to let Rock perform. However, that hasn't stopped Braxton and Lee going at each other.

Tamar claims she doesn't want to get caught up in the drama, but she is literally embarrassing herself by running behind this man who has two black women fighting over him, and l;ooking like the only fool.

With all this tea Tommie is spilling about "your man," I think it's time you wash your hands of this foolishness and leave his thirsty ass on the side of the Atlanta turnpike where he can find some other gullible fool to manipulate for clout.

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