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Butt magazine is about to make a comeback.

After printing it’s last issue in December 2011, the legendary Butt magazine is heading back into print. Founded in 2001, the quarterly magazine featured unfiltered interviews, sexy same-sex photoshoots, and realistic conversations with gay men.

The Spring relaunch is being supported by Italian luxury brand Bottega Veneta, who will be the sole advertiser. 

“As a brand, sometimes you want to support something that you simply have a belief in and a fondness for — BUTT magazine is one of those things,” a Bottega Veneta spokesperson told WWD. “It has a meaning for many who work for Bottega Veneta, who grew up with the magazine and loved its cheeky view of the world. For many of us, no matter where we grew up on the globe, it made us feel at home. We hope it can do the same for a new generation.”  

The relaunch is being held in Paris on March 3 with a three-day installation at the Palais de Tokyo.

The cover, which was shot by Clifford Prince King, features two guys spooning in bed with coverlines like “hung,” “fetish” and “femme” displayed. (Bottega Veneta’s signature triangle emblem features the word “30” for its 30th issue.)

After the Paris launch, the 100-page issue will become available in other select stores worldwide and for order online.

Photo by Bottega Veneta

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