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Timbaland Slammed For Saying Justin Timberlake Should Put A Muzzle On Britney Spears Amid Memoir

Timbaland is being dragged on social media for his nasty reaction to Britney Spears spilling all her tea about Justin Timberlake in her explosive memoir during a recent Q&A.

via: Page Six

During a recent panel, the record producer said the “Toxic” singer has been “going crazy” after being asked about his and Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” collaboration “making headlines again” because of the bestselling book.

Timbaland also said he was tempted to reach out to the “Mirrors” crooner following the Oct. 24 release of “The Woman in Me.”

“I wanted to call and say, ‘JT, you gotta put a muzzle on that,'” he joked while speaking at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC, for “Sounds Architects: A Producer Conversation” on Oct. 30.

While many audience members laughed at Timbaland’s comment, Twitter users took issue with the viral interview clip.

“Timbaland saying that Justin Timberlake should have put a ‘muzzle’ on Britney is actually INSANE considering Britney has been treated like a caged animal for the past 13 years,” one social media user wrote, referring to Spears’ conservatorship.

“damn Timbo, we were all rooting for you,” another added of the “disgusting” comment, while a third tweeted, “In light of her life’s events, this screams misogyny and is so malicious and nasty.”

As many others bashed the “people laughing at this,” one person wrote, “I assume the crowd has only straight men.”

Timbaland, 51, continued to slam Spears’ memoir in the interview, claiming the “Crossroads” actress, 41, wanted to “do something to get people’s attention.”

He said, “You know what? We live in the age of social media and … everybody want[s] to go viral. I get it because that’s the way you make money [is to] go viral.”

Timbaland, who has produced the bulk of Timberlake’s solo albums, is not the only person to take the *NSYNC member’s side since Spears’ book gave insight into the former couple’s 1999 to 2002 relationship.

On Friday, Kandi Burruss defended Timberlake over Spears’ claims her ex used to speak in a blaccent.

“I just feel like that was young Justin,” the reality star told Page Six at BravoCon 2023. “Leave him alone, y’all. He was a really, really good guy.”

Spears also addressed their breakup in her memoir, alleging that Timberlake, 42, had cheated on her multiple times while coming clean about her own infidelity with choreographer Wade Robson.

Additionally, Spears wrote about feeling pressured by Timberlake to get an “excruciating” abortion after finding out she was pregnant.

Since the book’s release, Spears’ ex has disabled his Instagram comments — with angry fans instead flooding his wife Jessica Biel’s posts to bash him.

Timberlake and Biel, who have yet to address the backlash, fled to Mexico last month to vacation with their two sons.

Timbaland is only saying this because he was banking on JT's new album to help bring relevancy back to him as a producer.

Quiet as it's kept it's been a long time since people have looked at Timbaland as a high profile producer, and in my opinion I feel his sound got old around 2008.

Britney has been silenced for most of her career, with the media, so-called friends, people that were on her payroll and her shady ass family speaking on her behalf for financial gain.

So if JT has to receive some accountability on behalf of the fans via Britney exercising her demons in the form of a memoir, then that's the price he will have to pay at this point of his career.

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