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We’re only two months into 2021, and we’ve lost yet another icon. I’m sad to report that Out singer/songwriter Sir Ari Gold, who brought us hits Wave of You, He’s On My Team, Human, Love Will Take Over, and Wave of You has lost his battle to cancer. He was 47 years old.

The legendary Kevin Aviance, who was Ari’s best friend did an amazing tribute to him on Instagram.

Ari’s good friend and mentor RuPaul also sent his condolences.

Until we meet again, dear friend. @SirAriGold Love always, Ru. — RuPaul (@RuPaul) February 14, 2021

Laverne Cox, Peppermint and Gold’s ex-boyfriend Billy Porter also sent their condolences.

Drag icon Lady Bunny said: “Very sorry to learn that singer/songwriter Ari Gold has passed. I’ll always remember him as a sweetheart of the NYC club scene. He had been ill for quite a few years, and that’s all the details I know. His birthday was just on February the 11th. Farewell!”

I remember meeting Ari at his Space Under Sun album release party at the original XL lounge in 2004, and he was lovely. Not only did I get an autographed CD, but it made my night when he bought me a drink.

Many outside of the mainstream pop world may not have known who Ari is, but it was refreshing to see an orthodox Jewish gay boy, who looked like one of my Latino cousins making inspirational pop music for a same gender loving audience.

Ari released seven albums since launching his solo career in the early 2000s, with his final album Soundtrack to Freedom dropping in 2015.

Rest in power you beautiful angel.

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