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I just finished watching the trailer for House of Gucci, and might I say this film has Oscar written all over it. Adam Driver and Lady Gaga bring style, grace, and some fierce acting chops, and I even had to do a double take for an unrecognizable Jared Leto.

The House of Gucci, which hits theaters on November 24, details the assassination of Maurizio Gucci (Driver) and the downfall of the Gucci family fashion dynasty. Gaga plays socialite Patrizia Reggiani, Maurizio’s ex-wife who was tried and convicted of orchestrating his murder after he left her for a younger woman. She served 18 years in prison, where she gained the nickname Black Widow, before being released in 2016.

“I don’t consider myself to be a particularly ethical person,” says Gaga as Patrizia, “But I am fair.” Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” provides the soundtrack for the trailer. Gucci fashion shows, the couple’s wedding and wild nights at the disco are also part of the drama leading up to the murder.

I am here for the fashions, the drama, and the twists and turns that I’m sure will be throughout the movie. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lady Gaga wins another Oscar, this time for her acting. But it all depends who she’ll be up against in 2022, because I can strongly sense she will be nominated in the best actress category.

Check out the trailer for House of Gucci, which was directed by Ridley Scott below…

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