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While there’s plenty of reality TV fans who are disappointed that Tiffany “New York” Pollard won’t be appearing on the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, fear not!

You can get your much-needed fix of the HBIC on a new sex positive competition series called Hot Haus. The series, which is produced by the same folks that gave us Slag Wars features queer sex workers and sex positive content creators who are put through series of provocative challenges, with a chance of winning $10,000 provided by Scruff.

The minute I saw out musician Sevndeep and adult film star Kash Dinero (the latter who can currently be seen on the queer reality show The Circle: Atlanta) being messy boots for the cameras, I was immediately sold on the concept.

Competing alongside Sevndeep and Dinero: Sapphire Slayy, Fantasia Royale Gaga, Saint Anique, Juju Minxxx & Scritch.

Oh, and Slag Wars alum Matthew Camp‘s fine ass also appears on the show as a judge, alongside Pollard, rap superstar CupcakKe, and trans model and burlesque artist Nicky Monet.

“I’ve been working in reality TV for a long time now, and I can promise you this cast is something special,” Tiffany Pollard tells Dazed. “Their talent and grace genuinely moved me every day we were together on set. They’re not just stars; they’re not just superstars; they’re ultrastars! (Is ultra more than super?) Either way, I love them, and you will too.”

While I loved the concept of Slag Wars, I felt it didn’t give me what needed to be gave. This show is definitely up my alley, because I have always said there needs to be more reality shows that reflect the lives of queer sex workers, something that in my opinion is long overdue.

Plus the show is made up of majority POC trans and nonbinary contestants, something that has not been celebrated enough on reality TV.

P.S. If you need someone to host the reunion, I’m more than up for the task.

Hot Haus is currently streaming on OutTV.

Check out the trailer below…

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