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Jackson Fox, a Houston native who has made history as the first openly trans contestant to compete on the 42nd season of Survivor was asked to leave 48 hours into the competition due to health concerns.

Apparently Fox failed to disclose to production that he was taking Lithium the day before production started.Fox had started taking Lithium six years ago to help with his anxiety and lack of sleep.

“I remember talking to my wife, she’s a nurse, and I said, ‘Well, I’m on lithium,’ and she’s like, ‘Well, you’re weening yourself off of it. You’ll probably be off of it [when Survivor begins],’” Fox said when Probst asked why he waited until the last day before filming of Survivor 42 began to disclose that he was taking lithium. “I don’t need to bring it up because I’ll be fine.”

He continued:

“It’s a stigmatism. I’m a human to know the fear is everyone hears the word, lithium, and they go way back in time. And they’re like, ‘That was a huge drug back in the day.’ That was a scary drug to be on. Their first thought is the transition. Was it because of the transition? I’m like, ‘That had nothing to do with it.’ If that was the case, I would’ve been on lithium 20 years ago because I was so unhappy. But that wasn’t the case.”

Meet Jackson, a healthcare worker who wants to play honorably but still hopes to be a part of a big blindside.🌟 #Survivor — SURVIVOR (@survivorcbs) February 14, 2022

“I get it and I appreciate you talking to me about it,” Fox said in his talk with Probst. “It’s weird that I’m getting emotional about it but even to test yourself for 48 hours, it is such an adventure. I take this with love. I know I will be friends with these people. I appreciate you giving me this opportunity. For someone who didn’t like anything about them for 40 years, then have someone say people liked things about you that you didn’t know that you were capable of, speaks volumes. And I appreciate it. It was the best 48 hours ever.”

While it’s always great to see any LGBTQ+ representation on reality TV, I think they made the right call asking Jackson to leave, especially since we know how grueling the challenges can be on Survivor.

CBS doesn’t want any lawsuits due to how his body may react while still waning yourself off medication as strong as lithium.

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