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Tony award-winning actor, director, producer and author Billy Porter has dropped the visual for his disco-infused single Children, and I have to say it is everything.

Donning some fierce fashions, and serving us some exquisite choreography, Billy slays as a pied piper leading the children to free themselves from the restraints of society’s ideas of gender norms and sexual expression.

“‘Children’ is a song that is inspired by my life and everything I’ve gone through to get here,” Porter, 52, said about the song on Instagram. “For the first time, my music is what I want it to be, what I want it to say, which is hope, love.”

He added, “We have to choose it every day so we can fight the evil that is so pervasive. We can only fight it with love and I am so excited for my music for that.”

As for the video, Porter revealed that it’s “about all of us coming together and empowering everybody that’s under the sound of my voice.” The music video is a celebration of life and it comes at a time in the world when people could use a little extra energy to motivate them.

Check out the video below…

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