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While Sara Haines occasionally co-hosts The View live from her New York City apartment, and Michael Strahan is doing God knows what, Keke Palmer is busy making music and shooting music videos out of her LA home. Which brings us to her latest video for Sticky, a sassy little number that will have you dropping that kitty down low and pussy popping upon first listen.

Here’s what she told Billboard on how the song and the colorful visuals came together:

I’d been working in Atlanta with this producer Tasha Catour and this guy A-Lex, who’s also a producer and artist and writer. We had created a bunch of music, and so I’ve been putting out a lot of stuff…a song called “FYG,” a song called “Virgo Tendencies” and then “Sticky.” The other two records were a little bit more reflective and a little bit more emotional, whereas “Sticky” is just an attitude.

With everything that I was starting to feel, that song gave me the energy of where I want to be and how I want to be doing. You know what I mean? Like, it gave me the, like, “Once this over, I’m out here and gettin’ it goin’.” So it kind of gave me that attitude that I need, I think, that’s helping me pull through some of these weird times.

As far as the video concept goes, she said: I was really interested in trying the different lighting that you see in the blue room. I really wanted to try to give something that was playful, show flirty and really be about the look, honestly. I’ve been doing some different hair stuff lately, I’ve been having a lot of fun with changing my hair color up and trying on different wigs.

So I really wanted to have fun with the sticky, with the honey, but really give you looks and give you a mood when it came to some of the lighting choices. And of course, with Coi coming in the video, Coi Leray who’s a super dope artist, I wanted us to have fun. It was really about a mood and giving just visually something that was going to be pleasing to see. That’s where I was coming from with it.

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