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10 hours after releasing Chromatica’s second single, Lady Gaga has unleashed the visual for her latest single Rain On Me, which also stars Ariana Grande. Before we get into the video, I want to give my opinion about the song. When I first heard it it’s a song that’s high NRG and immediately makes you want to dance. Lyrically and vocally, the song is on point, and Gaga is a master at getting a pop hook stuck in your head. My issue is with the production. While I am a huge fan of dance/pop, the song isn’t innovative enough for me.

Rain On Me is giving me Daft Punk circa Discovery-era teas, but like I stated earlier, the production isn’t as innovative as Daft Punk’s music is, and as Rain On Me wants to be. Daft Punk always looked to the past in regards of inspiration, but what made them stand out was that they always pushed the genre into the future, giving us dance music fans a refreshing take on the genre.

Just like with Stupid Love, Gaga just wants to dance, and in these dire times this is the perfect time to do so. However, six albums in I feel we deserve more, and I hate to say it, but I’m starting to feel that she hit her pop peak during The Fame Monster era. I will reserve my entire opinion when Chromatica drops next week, but I’m going to be honest – as a dance/pop music fan so far I’m disappointed.

Now as far as the video goes, I think it elevates the song to heights the track can’t do on it’s own. Both Gaga and Ariana look absolutely beautiful. I love the cyberpunk costumes, and the futuristic look of the video (loved that it was raining switchblades). Oh, and the choreography is tight, and simple to follow. I can definitely see a lot of drag queens performing this song in the clubs – that is when the clubs start opening back up again. So, to sum it all up, I don’t hate ROM, but I’m not blindly stanning for it either. The video is an A- for me, but the song in my opinion gets a solid B.

Check out the Arigaga video for Rain On Me below…

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