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After a week of heavy promotion, Lil Nas XXX has unleashed the video for his latest single Industry Baby, and once again visually the out rapper didn’t disappoint.

The visual touches on many prison stereotypes, from having two Men holding on to his pockets as he’s walking down the hall, dancing naked in the shower, getting twerked on by one of the inmates.

We even get a cameo from out actor Colton Haynes, who plays a prison guard salivating at the mouth while watching Nas’s Montero music video. Oh, and there’s even a hot Jason Momoa look-a-like.

The only complaint I have is with Jack Harlow. While I get they wanted to give Nas a mainstream feature, having Jack do a scene in a prison cell with a woman just felt out of place.

Like they were saying here’s this gay ass prison video, but we want you to know that Jack is straight. In my opinion I feel the song and video would have benefitted wholeheartedly if Nas would have featured another gay rapper.

Anyways, check out the video for Industry Baby, which was directed by Christian Breslauer below…

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