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It’s been five years since we’ve heard new music from Peaches, and now she’s back to shake up the system with her fiery new track Flip This.

The video, which was shot on an iPhone in her home studio in Germany, opens up with the camera panning to the initials BLM written on a white sheet of paper before Peaches starts sneering the following “fuck the establishment-type lyrics:

“Kick a column make it tumble/Now is not the time to mumble,” she sings over pulsating, skittering beats. “Scream it out and feel the rumble/Fuck the system make it crumble.”

Then we get to the simple, but effectively energetic chorus: Grip this/ Flip this/ Whip this/ Strip this.”

Peaches revealed in a statement that, “This song is about me waking myself up and getting active.” Peaches’ last album Rub was released in 2015.

No word on if Flip This is the prelude to a new album, but I hope with everything that’s been going on that it’s inspired Peaches to give us a new album. It’s been five years since she’s released Rub, and as a huge Peaches fan, I feel it’s time.

Check out the video for Flip This below…

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