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Ageless international pop star (I cannot believe he’s 50) Ricky Martin has unleashed the visual fornhis latest Spanish-language single Otra Noche en LA.

In the video we see the singer pining over a lost love while showering, cooking, lounging around the house, and driving around LA in a vintage car.

Martin, who wrote the song along with Keityn, Lexuz, Casta, and O’Neill, and produced by duo Lexuz and Casta described the song as: “awakening emotions and was born out of those memories that keep us alive, motivate, or accelerate us. I’ve always looked for sensations and this song is magic, I hope you identify with it and enjoy it.”

During the pandemic Ricky did state that he wants to release a new album that would be uptempo, because he’s ready to dance.

No word when that album will be released, but in the meantime, check out his latest video, which was directed by Daniela Vesco below…

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