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Vin Diesel's Partner Feels Betrayed From Sexual Assault Allegations Against Action Star

Word on the street is that Vin Diesel's longtime partner Paloma Jiménez was deeply hurt after the Fast & Furious actor was accused of sexual molestation in a lawsuit filed by former assistant Asta Jonasson.

According to a sensational report, Mexican model Paloma Jiménez — Diesel’s partner of 17 years — gave the actor a verbal beatdown after he was slapped with a lawsuit by ex-assistant Asta Jonasson, who accused him of molesting her on the job in 2010.

Tipsters claim Paloma is aware that Diesel’s fame and fortune put a target on his back, but “it’s the potential betrayal that hurts her so much.”

“This would’ve happened right around when she gave birth to son Vincent,” a Hollywood insider told the National Enquirer, noting Vincent is the second of the couple’s three children.

In a recent court filing, Jonasson claimed her former boss groped her, pinned her against a wall, and masturbated in front of her at a Georgia hotel during production for Fast Five while allegedly ignoring her “clear statements of non-consent.”

A rep for the Diesel, who was born Mark Sinclair, said the star “categorically denies” the allegations. But Jonasson also claimed Samantha Vincent — Diesel’s sister, then president of his company One Race Films — “terminated” her “mere hours” after the alleged assault.

The civil suit seeks damages “sufficient to punish” the actor, as well as his business and Samantha. However, a spy claimed that Diesel had even bigger problems on his hands!

Aside from his longtime partner reportedly feeling betrayed by him due to the accusations, spies claimed it could also signal the end of his on-screen racing career.

“After the last two Fast & Furious flops, this scandal provides a perfect excuse for the studio to call it a wrap on the flagging franchise,” a source told the outlet. “That would be a disaster for Vin!” has reached out to Diesel’s rep for comment.

As this outlet reported, Diesel became the latest celebrity accused of inappropriate behavior when Jonasson filed the 27-page lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court.

In her filing, Jonasson claimed she had “remained silent, afraid to speak out against one of the world’s highest-grossing actors” while crediting the #MeToo movement for her decision to come forward and seek “justice for the suffering she endured.”

Diesel’s ex-assistant claimed the alleged assault took place in a hotel suite after the star was done partying with a bevy of beauties and as they were preparing to leave the room at dawn to avoid paparazzi.

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