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So yesterday I was watching Claudia Jordan’s Fox Soul series Cocktails with Queens, featuring LisaRaye, Syleena Johnson, and Vivica A Fox, and the ladies were discussing a very interesting topic regarding to accepting one’s faults and dealing with emotional trauma.

If I’m not mistaken, I believe the topic piggybacked off of a previous discussion the ladies were having regarding NeNe Leakes revealing that being on The Real Housewives of Atlanta pushed her into seeking therapy, which in my opinion I’m calling bullshit on.

On one hand I applaud anyone who opts to seek therapy in order to self-reflect and deal with the demons that have followed them around throughout their lifetime, but for those of us who have watched the show since it’s inception, we all know NeNe loves to point the finger at everyone’s faults, but walks out of rooms or gets pissed when people expect her to accept her imperfections.

I hope she’s getting the help she needs, but based on her behavior this season and seeing clips of the upcoming reunion say otherwise.

Anyways, the ladies were dropping lots of inspirational jewels during the segment, but when Claudia asked Vivica if she’s forgive the “toxic trick” aka RHOA star Kenya Moore, who she got into a heated argument with when they were on The Celebrity Apprentice together, the Kill Bill actress channeled her inner-Vernita Green and gave quite the interesting answer.

Check out the segment (watch Vivica set it off towards Kenya around the 7:55 mark).

And as a bonus, I added the clip of the ladies talking about NeNe going to therapy (Claudia, who did one season of RHOA told no lies, BTW), and to be honest, I love these ladies getting together and having a chat. Once Miss Rona finally sashays away, because I’d love for Fox Soul to give them all a show with an audience because these ladies are far more authentic than the ladies of The Real and the just-canceled Sisters Circle.

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