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It’s been eight years since Jason Voorhees sliced and diced his way on the bog screen, and while we wait patiently to see a cinematic Friday the 13th, the fan film verse has us covered.

Womp Stomp Films and director Vincente DiSanti have returned with Never Hike in the Snow, a brand new Friday fan film that’s set 3 months prior to the events of the incredibly popular Never Hike Alone.

The story follows the strange disappearance of Mark Hill, a Crystal Lake local who went for a hike one day in the dead of winter and never came home.

As Local Wessex County Sheriff Rick Cologne (Vinny Guastaferro) and Deputy Allen Mabry (Bryan Forrest) search for answers, town local Tommy Jarvis (Thom Mathews) believes that his old nemesis Jason Voorhees (Vincente DiSanti) is to blame. Will Diana Hill (Anna Campbell) ever see her son again, or will her son become another lost victim of the cursed camp?

I actually enjoyed this film, and it was great to see Thom Matthews, who played Tommy Jarvis in  Jason Lives return to the series. I was even impressed by the practical kill effects.

My only criticism is that I wanted the short to be longer, the ending felt a bit abrupt, and the dialogue could have been a bit sharper, but overall I prefer someone like Vinny giving us fans a proper F13 fan film than someone who just wants to take an iconic franchise and make a shitty movie.

Fingers crossed this F13 film fights lawsuit will be over soon so that we can see Jason on the bog screen again.

Following Never Hike In The Snow, production will begin on three additional entries in this fan film web-series: Never Hike Alone II: Never Hike AgainNever Hike Alone III: Jason Takes Crystal Lake, and Never Hike Alone IV: The Final Hike. Each entry will continue where the previous left off and feature a slew of horrifying kills at the hands of Jason Voorhees.

Check out the short film below…

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