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Wendy Williams’ Ex-Husband Kevin Hunter Settles Legal Dispute Over Flooded Ferrari as Insurance Company Challenges His Account

As they say, when it rains it pours.

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter settled his legal battle accusing an insurance company of refusing to pay up for his rain-damaged Ferrari — after the insurance company told the court they were skeptical of his claims.

According to court documents obtained by, Kevin and Essentia Insurance Company informed the court they wished to dismiss all claims against each other.

As previously reported, in 2022, Kevin sued Essentia claiming they had refused to pay on his policy related to his 2018 Ferrari California T 2DR Retractable Hardtop.

He claimed his car was damaged by rain while parked outside his friend Reggie’s home in Pompano Beach, Florida. Kevin said he left the roof open on the car.

Hours later, he claimed an unexpected heavy rainstorm led to extensive damage to the automobile.

In court documents, he said when he returned to the car he was able to power it up to close the roof but the vehicle would not start.

He said he notified his insurance company of the matter and an inspector came out. He said despite complying with all of Essentia’s requests they never paid him for the car.

Essentia demanded the suit be tossed out of court. Lawyers for the insurance company claimed Essentia hired a meteorologist to investigate Kevin’s story.

The expert determined that there was no rain in Pompano Beach on the date in question until after 11 PM — hours after the alleged rainstorm Hunter claimed occurred. The meteorologist said even after 11 PM there was only a “mere trace amount of precipitation.”

A lawyer for Essentia wrote, “[Kevin’s] misrepresentations about the event of loss and cause of loss nullify any coverage here. There is no genuine issue of fact that on the Incident Date, at the time that [Kevin] says the Incident occurred, there was no rain at all.”

The attorney added, “This is directly contrary to [Kevin’s] representations that he experienced a downpour.”

In the recent filing by the parties, their lawyers explained, The parties respectfully request that this Court enter an order dismissing with prejudice all of Plaintiff’s claims against Defendant, with each party to bear its own attorneys’ fees and costs in this action and that the Court retains jurisdiction to enforce the Settlement Agreement between the Parties dated April 23, 2024.”

As previously reported, Kevin has been open about his current financial issues.

Kevin is in the middle of a fight over alimony payments he claims Wendy owes. The former talk show host was placed under a court-order guardianship in 2021. The guardian Sabrina Morrisey was given full control of Wendy’s finances.

Kevin accused the guardian of failing to make the required alimony payments that he was awarded in the divorce settlement for the past 23 months.

In response, Morrissey demanded Hunter pay back $112k in alimony. She said he had been “overpaid.” A judge has yet to rule on the situation.

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