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Shortly after it was announced that talk show host Wendy Williams would be postponing her show until October4, due to coming down with COVID-19, now comes word that on Tuesday the pop culture personality has voluntarily checked herself into the hospital for psychiatric evaluation.

 Wendy has struggled with mental health issues for some time, so this should come as no surprise.

Rapper Nas recently revealed in an interview with Ebony that he battled COVID, and that the virus took it’s toll on him both mentally and physically.

Even thought she did test positive, it’s been reported that she is asymptomatic, so she’s not experiencing any side effects.

Wendy also revealed in an interview with Dr. Oz last season that she will not be getting the vaccine, so I’m wondering two things regarding this: A) Has she been vaccinated now that she’s come down with Covid, and B) since she adamantly said that she doesn’t want to be vaccinated, will she now get it since it’s a requirement to be vaccinated if you enter any NYC establishment.

Prayers up Wendy.

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