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Jennifer Lopez Urged to Move to Nashville, Release Country Album to Revive Career

With JLo's ninth album This Is Me...Now flopping harder than you can say Bormani and Dopamine, an industry vet feels he has the perfect idea to get the entertainer's music career back on track.

via: TMZ

Jon Peters -- who produced Jen's 1995 film, "Money Train" -- has a plan of action for the triple-threat star to rake in $$$ after she blew through millions on her wedding and $60M house -- and he details it all in TMZ's new Hulu doc -- 'JLo & Ben: Missed Warning Signs.'

Jon reveals he's spoken to JLo's manager Benny Medina, advising him she needs to take the Bey route -- namely, become a bona fide country star!

Jon thinks Jen could easily pivot into the country music scene -- getting assistance from the likes of Shania Twain and other legends in the game, whom he thinks would welcome JLo with open arms. Ditto for the Grand Ole Opry, according to him.

Jon believes in this so much, he's willing to open his wallet and fund the move himself.

You can watch "TMZ Investigates: JLo and Ben: Missed Warning Signs," on Hulu now.

I should point out that JLo has dabbled in the country space before. She stuck her toe in the genre by appearing on the Jennifer Nettles song "My House," and has a duet with Jimmy Allen called "On My Way," which is from his third album Tulip Drive.

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