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Lance Bass Says Justin Timberlake Deserves Forgiveness Amid Britney Spears Memoir Release

Lance Bass is asking fans to forgive Justin Timberlake following revelations from Britney Spears' newly released memoir, "The Woman in Me."

The Princess of Pop name-dropped the *NSYNC member many times in “The Woman in Me” after Page Six exclusively revealed he had been “concerned” about what his ex would divulge.

In the book, Spears, 41, dished on her ill-fated romance with Timberlake, 42, and revealed that she had an abortion because he “didn’t want to be a father.”

Now Bass, 44, has given his take on the situation, telling fans they need to forgive Timberlake, just like “Britney did.”

“Look, everyone has their own opinion,” Bass told TMZ Friday. “I feel like the world is so full of hate right now and we need to practice a little forgiveness. Britney did. Let’s take a note from her.”

“Everyone deserves to tell their story, she did, and I hope the fans can find some forgiveness,” he added, noting that he’s bought the “Toxic” hitmaker’s book and plans to read it.

She also claimed that Timberlake had cheated on her with a “very popular” woman, though she did not disclose her name.

The book’s revelations sparked a heavy backlash against the “Cry Me A River” hitmaker as he was prompted to turn off his Instagram comments.

Bass’ comments come amid reports that Timberlake is “not at all happy” and has not reached out to Spears since the book’s release.

The “Toxic” singer dated the boy bander from 1999 to 2002 until he dumped her via text.

“Justin has not reached out to Britney at all about any of this, and he is not going to because there is nothing he can say to her,” a source told the Daily Mail this week.

While the insider noted that Spears is “just telling it from her point of view,” Timberlake reportedly is not “OK with it.”

“Justin is not at all happy about what has come out in this book,” the source claimed.

“Doing this book has given Britney life, and she really doesn’t care who is offended by anything in it because it is what happened. She was there and lived through it. No one can say anything. She has got this all out of her and is moving on now.”

I don't recall Britney ever publicly going on the record to forgive JT for the things he's done to her throughout their three year relationship, and when he publicly bashed her on SNL, in his music, and in his interview with Barbara Walters.

If she did forgive him, let me know because with all the entertainment news I cover I can't keep up with every little detail.

I also wonder if Lance is saying this because he's hoping there will be some sort of NSYNC reconciliation in the form of a reunion album and tour?

Quiet as it's kept, I truly feel JT only teases a NSYNC comeback because it helps bring him some sort of attention, but I truly believe he has no intention of ever reuniting with NSYNC for more than an appearance here and there at the VMAs or on an episode of Hot Ones. I personally think he gets off on dangling a carrot in the faces of his former bandmates and NSYNC fans.

Now that Britney's book is out, and fans of the book are going through the grieving process with her (via reading her own words or listening on audible), Justin is just going to have to go through the smoke of accountability until those who have read the book have moved on.

So while I love me some Lance, I have to say stay out of these grown folks business, because it's not up to you to decide when someone needs to be forgiven or given grace.

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