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On The Walking Dead: World Beyond, we are introduced to gay couple Will and Felix, played by Jelani Alladin and Nico Tortorella.

Here’s what Alladin had to say about his character’s relationship with Felix on the Talk Dead to Me podcast:

“There was no kind of need to explain anything further and I love that The Walking Dead is kind of putting that forward, that LGBTQ relationships are nothing different than any other kind of relationship,” Alladin explained on the podcast. “They have the same struggles, they have the same complexities, they get mad at each other, they love each other just as hard.”

While it is revolutionary to see a queer male couple on a post-apocalyptic series about zombies, some uptight, homophobic fans aren’t too happy seeing two Men in love showing affection to one another.

Its not about the lgbtq characters, its how you introduce them in the series. Its like you forcing them in your series just to bring lbgt supporters. I mean i love Aaron character, that was a good introduction tbh — David (@CarryPotterPT) January 26, 2021

Of course he was fine with Aaron’s character on the original Walking Dead series because you knew he was gay, but you rarely saw him being affectionate with his partner. Aaron’s partner is also dead, so being that his character isn’t in a new relationship, of course people like David would be fine with it.

Here’s what a fan of the show had to say in response to David’s comment.

Straight characters dont need any type of special introduction to be accepted. Why do queer characters need to be introduce so carefully to be realistic??? — 🦋 (@okurrrmani) January 26, 2021

And finally, the show itself responded to all the homophobic criticism:

“If LGBTQ+ characters on television (or anywhere) make you uncomfortable or angry, please unfollow us,” read the post on the show’s main Twitter account, and reminding viewers “there is no place in our fandom for hateful discrimination or willful ignorance.”

It’s so irritating that in 2021 we still have people triggered by people who are different than them. If you have a hard time seeing queer representation on TV and film, you can change the channel or don’t go see that film that highlights queer characters.

The first season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond is now available to stream on Shudder.

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