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Tiffany Haddish Arrested For DUI After Passing Out Behind The Wheel Of Her Car

Comedian Tiffany Haddish was arrested by Beverly Hills police early this morning after she reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel of her stopped car on Beverly Drive.

The Haunted Mansion actress, 43, was placed in handcuffs on Friday morning after a very suspicious circumstance, according to TMZ.

Police found the Hollywood comedienne asleep behind the wheel of her car when it was still running.

The vehicle was located in the middle of the busy street Beverly Drive, which is filled with stores like Pottery Barn and Sephora.

The call came from a concerned citizen at about 5:45am who was worried about the actress sleeping in her car in the early morning hours. Haddish was reportedly ‘slumped over the wheel while the car was running,’ the site claimed.

This is a second DUI arrest for the star who was found sleeping in her car in Georgia in January 2022. did not immediately hear back from Tiffany’s reps to comment on the situation.

She was cited for a DUI and is expected to be released from custody later today.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the actress could be seen in a pink floral print sleeveless top with dark slacks and her hair worn very short. Her hands were behind her back and cuffed as she escorted to a patrol car.

The site said her arrested was ‘peaceful’ with no resistance.

Before she fell asleep at the wheel of her car, Tiffany was trying to make people laugh.

She had performed a stand-up set at The Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood for the club’s 43rd annual free Thanksgiving feast for the community.

The Laugh Factory is about a 15 minute drive from Beverly Hills.

This is not the first time she has been arrested for falling asleep behind the wheel of a car.

In January 2022 she was arrested under a similar circumstance for a DUI in Peachtree City, Georgia.

The Night School actress was found ‘dozing in the driver’s seat’ of her car, according to TMZ.

Soon after her mug shot was released where the star could be seen smiling as she wore her hair in a short gray buzz cut as she went makeup free.

The star has been in Georgia to shoot the film Haunted Mansion with co-stars Owen Wilson and Rosario Dawson for Walt Disney Productions.

Officers told the site they believed that she had been smoking marijuana.

The site also looked at her arrest record which noted she had posted $1,666 to bond to get out of jail around 6:30 AM.

The arrest took place around 4 am eastern time in Georgia, it was claimed.

Police approached the star’s vehicle after a concerned citizen had called about a woman sleeping in her car.

After officers woke her up, she was arrested for suspicion of a DUI as well as stopping on a roadway in a manner that was not safe for traffic.

Apparently Tiffany – who split from musician Common in November 2021 – had not properly pulled off the road for her nap.

It was also claimed that when police officers spotted her vehicle, she was just pulling off the road. By the time they looked in her window, she had already been resting, it was alleged.

Haddish was arrested by Peachtree City PD officers, police told the site. Peachtree City is the largest city in Fayette County, Georgia.

Tiffany was taken to police headquarters and was in custody for ‘a few hours,’ according to the site. She seemed to be in custody from 4 am to 6:30 am.

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